#DoorsOpen: 03.10.2019

Hammermuseum: New exhibition for mouse fans!

Even though the weather god sent plenty of wetness from above, over 470 mouse fans could not be kept from making a pilgrimage to the Mouse Day on the Iron Hammer on German Unity Day. Many mouse fans have been regular guests for a long time and regularly come to Hasloch to forge horseshoes in the historical ambience and to relive over 240 years of exciting company history in the exhibition. The visitors were particularly pleased with the newly designed exhibition with numerous new exhibits, multimedia stations and an interactive world map. As always, the stations with force gauge and soldering game were in great demand. The Schwarzer Bock kept body and stomach together in a culinary way, live music provided a festive background. The Hammermuseum team would like to thank you for a great day and is already looking forward to next year when the motto on October 3, 2020 is: Open the doors for the mouse!