Finally the time has come and the hammer museum can be opened again. Specifically, the doors in Hasloch go open on 03 June from 11:00 am.

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Even though the weather god sent plenty of wetness from above, over 470 mouse fans could not be kept from making a pilgrimage to Mouse Day on the Iron Hammer on German Unity Day.

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With the MUCHO MOJO Hammer-Blues concert at the Eisenhammer, the historic hammer mill successfully celebrated its premiere as a concert venue in October 2017. Just under a year later, on September 28th, Kurtz Ersa invited to the Hammer-Rock-Concert in Hasloch.

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Whoever entered the grounds of the iron hammer in Hasloch on the late morning of August 19 could already hear metallic clanking - the participants of the international young blacksmiths' meeting were already in action again, tirelessly letting the heavy hammers rush down onto the red-hot iron.

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Groovy part of a customer event of Kurtz Eisenguss and premiere for future "Hammer Events": the blues concert on October 12th at the Eisenhammer with the five Blues musicians of MUCHO MOJO from Würzburg ...

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11 July 2014
Many "Alumnae" followed the invitation to the pensioner meeting in Hasloch, to see the Kurtz Ersa historic centre with Iron Hammer Works, museum and manor house. A beautiful occasion in a great ambience to meet former colleagues and friends.

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28 June 2014
On a beautiful summer morning at the end of June, Kurtz Ersa inaugurated its HAMMERMUSEUM in Hasloch. There, on the territory of the iron hammer, the corporation that has become a global player presents its origin - while also offering a glimpse at its future in the 21 century.

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