Opening Hours Hammermuseum

March to October
Thu.-Sun. 11:00 to 16:00


Phone 09342 805 459

E-Mail: info(at)


The HAMMERMUSEUM and the Iron Hammer offer "Living technology since 1779". The exhibition showcases more than 240 years of company and industrial history: from the foundation of the iron hammer with its forged products up to today´s internationally active Kurtz Ersa Corporation. You can become active yourself at many interactive stations. Experience how water power can be regulated or how to solder a radio circuit! Many exciting exhibits and diagrams offer entertainment for the whole family.

Hammermuseum: Reopening is certain!

We have longed for this time - now it is so far: The reopening of the Hammermuseum on 19.05.2022 is a fact. And there will be no changing that. The entire Hammer team is looking forward to numerous Hammer fans paying a visit to the Iron Hammer and the Hasel Valley. Our opening hours this season are Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00. Let´s go to Hasloch, let´s go to the Eisenhammer!