Anna Göbel und Otto Kurtz Stiftung

In memory of the former CEO and father Otto Kurtz and his sister Anna Göbel the charitable foundation was established in 2006 by Walter Kurtz, Bernhard Kurtz and Rainer Kurtz. Otto Kurtz (1913-2003) and Anna Göbel (1919-2004) have influenced the successful development of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation over decades.

On initiative of Anna Göbel and her husband, Baden-Württemberg Ministerialrat Dr. Kurt Göbel, the foundation arouse. The task of the Anna Göbel und Otto Kurtz Stiftung is to promote the arts, culture and science in the region. She is responsible for the Kurtz Ersa HAMMERMUSEUM and central to the preservation of the historic Iron Hammer.

Opening Hours Hammermuseum

March to October
Thu.-Sun. 11:00 to 16:00


Phone 09342 807 123

E-Mail: info(at)