FOUR WHEEL DRIVE rock the iron hammer

Visitors thrilled by rock concert in hammer mill

Hasloch/Eisenhammer, 01.10.2018

With the MUCHO MOJO Hammer-Blues concert at the Eisenhammer, the historic hammer mill successfully celebrated its premiere as a concert venue in October 2017. Almost a year later, on September 28th, Kurtz Ersa invited to the Hammer-Rock-Concert at the Eisenhammer in Hasloch. Even the advance sale went well - the remaining tickets went over the counter at the box office, so that the house was full. Not surprisingly, with FOUR WHEEL DRIVE from Würzburg, an experienced band was hired that has been bringing classic rock with a rich sound and cool atmosphere to stages throughout southern Germany for many years. And the musicians fulfilled what the numerous rock fans who made the pilgrimage to Hasloch expected: 100% hit-free live rock from AC/DC to Whitesnake to ZZ Top. At 08:30 p.m. it started and the Würzburg band heated up the assembled rock fans from the very beginning. With a continuous joy of playing and a broad repertoire, the Würzburg musicians around guitarist and singer Ali Patzak proved once again with their 3-hour gig how timeless good rock music is. The last riff and the last hum of the bass drum did not fade away until after midnight. When the Eisenhammer released enthusiastic concert goers into the cool September night at a late hour, the elaborately illuminated hammer mill was still bathed in reddish shimmering light.

The rock spark had definitely jumped over that evening - with the concert visitors as well as with the responsible persons of Kurtz Ersa. They signaled that they would be staging further concerts in the unique ambience of the Eisenhammer. Keep on rockin´!


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